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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my gift gard?
Tesco Gift cards can be physically posted or online via. email by Crypto de Change. Please visit our Delivery page for more information.

Can I buy groceries with digital/email Tesco Gift Cards?
Yes, groceries may be purchased in-store by printing out the PDF gift card. Unfortunately it is not possible to use gift cards to order Tesco groceries online, you may consider trying our Groceries service instead.

Can I order groceries, books or clothing online with Tesco Gift cards?
Not at this time. Unfortunately Tesco only allow for gift cards to be spent in-store when buying groceries. For ordering Tesco groceries online with cryptocurrencies, you may consider trying our Groceries service instead.

What can I purchase online with Tesco Gift Cards?
Gift cards can be used online to purchase goods from Tesco Direct (excluding Tesco tyres, Tesco cards, Tesco fireworks, Tesco party and Tesco carpets., entertainment and wine by the case.

Can I buy petrol with Tesco Gift Cards?
Yes! Using the physical gift card, you can pay for petrol in-store/at the kiosk. Gift cards cannot be used to pay at the pump.

I received the gift card but the balance is empty. What do I do?
For security purposes, these gift cards are activated 1-2 working days from delivery (or 2-3 working days from the order date). If your gift card(s) have still not been activated after this time, please get in contact with us. We always advise to check the balance of your gift cards prior to use to avoid any inconvenience.

How do I check the balance of my gift cards?
You can do so by visiting https://www.giftcards.tesco.com/ and selecting 'Check your gift card balance'.

Any other queries? Do get in contact with us using our Live Chat service or by emailing contact@cryptodechange.com